Students usually buy school or college utilities together as a pair. Most of the times only one person needs to use them while another one can wait for their turn. But sometimes they need them at the same time.

Magic Machine: 
A magic box that can scan and create copies of the objects that are similar in all aspects but are complements of each other.








For example: 
Two students want to use a textbook they have bought together. So they can put it in the machine and create two copies. The chapters are divided between them and are continuously synced such that when a chapter is done in one copy, it magically appears in other and disappears from the first.

Things we like:
-Share things easily
-Use resources simultaneously

Things we dislike:
-The 1st user still has more control over the book.

Probable contributions to our solution:
-It would be great if we could use only one function of a multifunctional product that we need and indeed pay for only that.
– Share a part of a product.


Mini challenge 1



We brainstormed for some time on the most common sharing these days – cabs sharing. Some meaningful insights were generated from it.


Who are we?

We are those chronic backbenchers found in every classroom who want to have fun as much as they want to learn, maybe a little more! 😛

Harshit Sharma



Harshit is one of those guys who rarely come to class and firmly believes Mark Twain- I do not let my schooling interfere with my education. One should learn giving excuses from him! He is smart. But sometimes too smart for his own good! He hails from Udaipur, Rajasthan. And by the way, he is one hell of a chess player.



Vishal Kumar



Vishal is…weird. Sometimes he says really smart things but most of the time he is qualified enough to snatch his job from Rowan Atkinson! He loves dark comedy, parodies and things I can’t even list here. Told you, weird. He is tech savvy, loves to code and a die hard Apple fan. He is from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Finally, if you can bear him, he is a great friend to have.



Suman Ji



Suman Ji is great! He is one of those good people who you find harder and harder to find these days. He is clean of heart, an introvert and speaks his mind when he does. He was a necessary addition to bring sanity to our group. 😛 He is from Patna, Bihar but far away from a typically Bihari except for his accent! He is an excellent swimmer. Practically a fish really!




Chirag Agrawal



Chirag, fondly called as “mama”, is a jovial person who rarely takes anything seriously. But sometimes he can be an irritation. Mind you as irritating as a fly buzzing around your ear! He is a prolific body builder, sarcastic to the very core and loves his family and friends dearly. He is from Jaipur, Rajasthan and would never ever break his word to you. (Apart from the times when he does 😛 )



Ashish Khandalikar



Lastly, this is me. I would have preferred if someone else would have written my introduction but everyone’s too busy right now. (We got up late 😛 !) So, I am curious, skeptical and love birds. I am a chronic book addict and can read anything and everything as long as it is on my Kindle! Fantasy novels are the best works created by man! Ever! I sometimes overthink things. I play badminton.I listen more than I speak and understand more than I reveal. I am from Pune, Maharashtra.




We all are third-year students in Design Department of IIT Guwahati and pursuing (rather having a party!) our bachelor’s degree.